Why Work with MagicLogic: Capabilities

MagicLogic addresses a broad spectrum of industries, including:

food & beverage • pharma • tech

furniture • motor • healthcare •small parcel, and more

MagicLogic is well-established

Of the top-100 manufacturing companies in the world, 26 actively use MagicLogic solutions.

Of the top 100 largest companies in the world, 48 actively use MagicLogic solutions.

More than 3,000 installations in more than 50 countries and growing.

MagicLogic knows timing is critical. BlackBox is fast! With near real-time cartonization for rate shopping at web checkouts, BlackBox instantly optimizes carton or box selection based on the customer’s order, driving the most accurate shipping rate.

The company’s advanced algorithms give optimal results for pick, carton selection and fulfillment - order after order. Able to handle tens of thousands of orders per hour, BlackBox provides the efficiency and reliability needed for modern

e-commerce operations.

MagicLogic will support your business with:

· Constant re-investment in R&D

· All development and support is in-house

· 24/7 live agents

· Free training for your teams

Integration and implementation systems in place for smooth transitions — plug-and-play with easy integration into existing systems:

· Requirements analysis, configuration, customization included

· Permanent licenses

· Free QA/Dev/Test licenses

· Training included