It Works: Case Study Toysmith

Trusted wholesaler and distributor of quality toys and gifts for almost four decades, Toysmith leveraged MagicLogic’s advanced cartonization software to save money and improve operational efficiency.

With an existing system only delivering an average fill rate of 68%, something needed to improve. The current warehouse management system was costing the company with an increase in labor, material and freight spend.

In an exploratory phase, Toysmith ran one month’s cartonization data though the BlackBox solution and the existing system. BlackBox showed:

improvement in all areas

overall reduction in the number of cartons per shipment

increased fill rate per carton

decrease in freight spend

BlackBox proved its value, and a partnership was born.

Results matter: Toysmith reviews results from multiple angles.

Eye test: Obvious now, cartons look significantly different because they are more uniform.

Consistent fill rate: Set at 83%, now all cartons are filled closer to the top of each box.

Reduced time at packing: No need to cut down boxes as often, with packers now adding only a small amount of void fill (or ‘dunnage’) to the box.

Revenue per carton: Average revenue per carton has increased by 12-15%!

Business relationships matter, too. Toysmith and MagicLogic endeavored to improve business as partners. Toysmith’s testimonial declares: MagicLogic puts the customer first.