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Product Benefits

From cartonization to complex mixed palletizing using robotics, MagicLogic provides state-of-the-art software: the Cube-IQ BlackBox™. This software optimizes the selection and loading of cartons, pallets, and other shipping containers ensuring your business works more efficiently. Fill capacity is maximized, material and freight costs are reduced, all while adhering to the strictest and most complex loading rules.

Save Money:

Streamlined and cost-effective systems via BlackBox save time and money, with proven return on investment. Ideal carton selection saves money on shipping costs and helps reduce environmental impact by reducing the number of containers shipped – it selects the best, most effective carton every time.

Conserve Energy:

Fewer cartons and fewer containers translates to a greener business. The impact on the environment is minimized, and the products’ carbon footprints are smaller all by shipping smaller and fewer containers.

Integrated for Easy Use:

Proprietary, state-of-the-art loading algorithms are condensed into a simple plug-in module. Easy to integrate and operate, a BlackBox that lives up to its name, working efficiently behind the scenes.

Your own software leverages the power of the BlackBox:

System integrators can rest assured – BlackBox’s application program interface (API) meets industry standards, utilizing SOAP, REST and TCP/IP via secure protocols


Complex mixed-case pallet stacking, including robotics or manual pack station, are supported. BlackBox instructs a person – or a robot – on which box size, how to fill, where to place and how to stack.

BlackBox as MPE option: Mixed palletization where the goal changes

Main objective: Maximum fill rate but ensuring pallet stability


Operational features ensure non-disruptive, transitional usage. BlackBox features: user-defined loading rules for orientation, stacking sequence and spread; interactive 3-D graphics; step-by-step loading diagrams; and loading by pick or drop sequence.